Acknowledging the needs that exist among our target demographic, our organization serves as a well-coordinated effort of community-based services, including youth mentoring, athletic competition, health and wellness education, and scholarships. We help needy individuals with the fundamental needs of their lives. We are also planning to build a Life Center to provide a variety of classes and services.

Our flagship program is our college scholarship program. We have given out 28 scholarships in the Middle Georgia area. We assist our students with the costs of attending college e.g. books, room and board. We started with $250 scholarships, but now give up to $2000 per scholarship. Eleven of the 28 scholarship recipients have completed their undergraduate degrees. We help students to become quality citizens in the community as a whole.

For the last 10 years, we have sponsored a summer camp for kids. Children are taught life-learning skills e.g. how to change a tire, how to change oil in a car, how to cook biscuits, etc. We also provide Vacation Bible School. We also support two summer camps in Lithonia, GA and Tucker GA.

We have sponsored a food bank and served over 2,000 pounds of for the last 10 years.

We help adults and young men in prison acquire their GED.

We aid the football and cheerleader programs at Hancock High School located in Sparta, GA. We provide equipment and uniforms.

We provide financial assistance for individuals going through financial hardships.

We also provide the following current services:

  • College Scholarship Program design to provide fianacial assistance for college tuition, book, room and board for less fortunate people registered in college.
  • GED assistance program designed to help people acquire their GED that will assist them in obtaining a job to helpful members of society.
  • Youth Summer Camp that provides training to young people to prevent drug abuse, unwanted pregnancy, living skills in cooking, career research, automobile maintenance, and computer training.
  • Food and Clothing Bank that provides food and clothes to the poor in Middle Georgia.
  • Big Brother and Big Sister Program design to educate young men and women on how to be responsible citizens in our community in teaching them to respect our public laws, how to maintain a job, how to take of a family, and how to help the poor.
  • Free Music Lessons program to teach the art of playing musical instruments, dance, and song that will instill the discipline of hard work that may be applied in other responsibilities of life.

We would like to provide the below additional programs:

  • Community Computer Lab that provides access to the internet for educational purposes in the city of Eatonton.
  • Preventive Health Program designed to help young people lose weight via walking , exercising, and dieting.
  • An Athletic Recreational Program design to empower young people at all skills sets( beginners and advance) in playing all sports( baseball, basketball, track, soccer, softball, and football) and maintaing a “B” average in school.
  • Life Center in the City of Eatonton Georgia that will provide a community health clinic, police department, recreational facility, after school program, and music department in which members of the community can walk to and access 5 days a week.
  • Affordable Housing program for the poor to create a quality environment of living that will support them in maintaining good health, education, and happiness.
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